Get Tied Up


 Alas, I think I nailed the perfect Hollywood diet… but it may be a little too intense for even LA’s most committed model… Harsh chemo followed by a fungal infection, all while taking hefty amounts of CO’s (Cannabis Oil) which surprisingly surpress your appetite, have left me with a popular petite look but one I’m not all that comfortable in.   And now it’s, obviously, very much affecting my wardrobe. I’ve written off almost all of my jeans.  And everything with a button or zipper closure has been thrown into a box and stored in the garage until I can start getting a few hamburgers down. But for the time being, as much as I would love to walk around naked all day, I’m sporting anything you can tie up to fit my little Barbie doll waist. Lucky for me, the look, is just what everyone wants at the moment. Take a walk down Abbot Kinney and see girls pairing their tied up collared shirts with high waisted Levi’s. Or down to Rodeo Drive to watch execs lunching in jumpsuits cinched by little fabric belts.

MLM Wrap-up Leather Crop Top

Haven Playsuit

Similar Tie Neck Style 

Fashion Union Crop Shirt 


Decked out in Denim


It’s not new news. Denim is this springs favorite trend. And it’s not just the classic jean jacket or your trusty 501’s that are back. Denim has been revolutionized in a whole new light. Denim minis hang in display windows while shoppers sport frocks made of the hardy material. And, as if you couldn’t get enough, bathing suit designers have even worked faux denim into their pieces so that you can even rock the trend while tanning! Iv’e never been the biggest fan of denim but with this new wave of innovations,  the material has me quite enamored.

Denim Button Up Skirt

The Fifth Label On the Horizon Top

Skye and Staghorn Sea Bed Swimsuit

Tory Burch Double Wrap Logo Stud Bracelet

When Soul Meets Fashion


As you all know my history of cancer, living real and authentic is very important to me. After three years of being faced with a very serious disease, I’ve learned putting up with bullshit is a complete waste of time and surrounding yourself with positivity is anything but.  I believe in living life, loving others, and making miracles happen. Whether your a hippie walking down Venice boardwalk barefoot in a beaded sarong or a CEO at an executive company making million dollar decisions, surround yourself with good people and good things. Start creating your own world of unambiguous happiness. Go mush your toes in the sand on the beach. Go jump on a train heading god knows where. Go talk to the stranger sitting next to you. Go..DO! And on your way, pick up one of these rad pieces to consummate your new found positivity and to serve as a reminder when you forget that your pretty damn awesome.

Accomplish Magnificent Things Starburst Necklace

Keep Going Gold Bar Necklace

Gold Glitter Shine Case

Galiana I /SLV Sweat

Love Will Set Us Free Tank

Avanessi Gold Love Ring

Eva Mendes Collection Crossbody



DSC_0114Rocking my gorgeous New York and Company, exclusive Eva Mendes Collection Colorblock Cross Body Bag. Dressed the bag down with a old UO poncho and a pair of leggings for lunch in Venice at one of my favorite healthy living spots, Cafe Gratitude. With rose gold hardware, burgundy color blocking, and a pretty chain strap, the cool cross body is hitting all the hottest trends and topping my list of cute new accessories. Unfortunately, the charming bag was topping lots of lists this season and is no longer available but you can shop more Eva Mendes collection at New York and Company for darling feminine pieces featuring soft palettes and pretty floral prints, perfect for the well put together, every day woman.

Valentine’s Day What to Wear

valentines-postCameo No Advice Strapless Bustier

La Diva Pleated Maxi Full Skirt

Jimmy Choo Violet Suede Pointy Toe Pumps

Kate Spade Love Birds Wink Clutch

Kate Spade Dear Valentine Single and Taken Bangle

Valentines Day, the ultimate hallmark holiday…which is why I will be spending it at home, eating Haagen Dazs ice cream and watching movies with my bestfriend. Oh what am I kidding? Truth is, we’re both single and broke with nothing to do on Valentine’s day. But in all honesty, a girl’s night with my fave person in the world sounds much better than a loud crowded restaurant charging exuberant prices for semi-good food. However, I will miss getting all dazzled up so,  I put together a little “what I would wear.” I chose seperates because I love a slight midriff especially when your skirt is hitting below the knee. The pumps are a classic style but I chose a pretty violet to complement the red for a more romantic feel. Throw on a few simple accessories and done!

“Getting Carried Away” with Kate Spade


Flights of Fancy Binocular Bag

Up Up and Away Drop Earrings

Get Carried Away Idiom Bangle

Get Carried Away Tee

Throw Caution to the Wind 12 Month Agenda

I remember my mom walking around with her little black Kate Spade bag when I was younger, five or six. Of course back then, in my tomboy days, the little spade meant nothing to me however, somehow it has stuck in me head. I guess it should because she wore that purse for years! And I can’t blame her! Kate Spade makes a kick a** product… in every arena. Whether your in need of cute dinnerware to warm up your place, or a fun cocktail dress for a night out on the town, they got you covered. I’m a particular fan of her new collection, featuring colorful hot air balloons and whimsical sayings such as, “get carried away.”

Taking 2015 by the Ball Sack


I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a great year! While I will still be receiving PREVENTATIVE treatment in the forms of chemo and of course cannabis oil, I am ecstatic to say that this year, I am technically CANCER FREE! In past years dealing with this disease, I’ve heard news of clean cancer free scans before, however, I have never felt so confident that this year will be my last year of fighting this wretched disease. While continuing my fight, I plan to rock this year out on every platform…fashion, blogging, and last but not least, health. Look out 2015. Here we come!

What the year has in store…

- 6-12 months of chemo

- new collaborations

-  a few classes at SMC (if health allows)

- awesome photos for the blog thanks to Bailey Holiver and her huge new lens

- SAVING LIVES! Spreading the word on Ewings Sarcoma (bone cancer) and the treatment of cannabis oil to not only enhance quality of life but to TREAT!!!

And of course…

- LOTS of shopping!

Styling with Invaluable

Hi all. Sorry I haven’t posted recently. If you follow my social handles, you know that I’ve recently been on some really harsh chemo’s and have been following a version of the Rick Simpson hemp oil protocol, which left me pretty much too exhausted to do much of anything. But I’m happy to say that I am done with those harsh chemo’s and hopefully will be put on some lighter stuff or even just the hemp…we are still in the process of talking options. However, I am happy to announce that my last scans were clean! No signs of active cancer in this girls body! Anyway, I will try to keep you all updated more however, if you would like to follow up more with what’s happening with me, head over to my Instagram or Facebook page where I often post updates and such.

Now let’s talk about some fashion!

Recently, a representative from Invaluable, the world’s premiere market place, contacted me to pick out a ring from their site and style an outfit around it to give their buyers some inspiration. Being the total ring fanatic I am (no seriously, you should see my collection), I happily accepted this offer. Little did I know what I was taking on. With all the spectacular rings Invaluable had to choose from, picking seemed to be impossible…until I came across this beauty. I love the two-tone golds and the delicate lines of stringed diamonds. Because I’m in the spirit, I chose to style a cute festive look around my ring. I hope you guys like it!


Shop Invaluable rings!!!




Photos by Bailey Holliver at photographybybailey

Nautical Watercolor

I’ve always loved mixing and matching. There is something my eye attracts to when there are two different textures or patterns working together to create a great outfit. Here I paired this blue/grey water color scarf with my striped Brandy crew neck to give my outfit some contrast. I really like the way the different blue hues look with the different patterns. Although mixing patterns isn’t a new concept, it’s a fairly edgy trend that many girls are hesitant to follow. So, I thought I’d post a muted version of what mixing patterns can look like.  What do you guys think of pattern matching  and this casual outfit?


Also, as most of you may know, I have been fighting cancer now for 3 years. I was on some lighter chemos which is why I was able to keep growing out my hair however, I have recently been put on harsher chemos that unfortunately, make me loose me hair. So bye-bye blondie (for now), hello baldie!

Inspired by Marc

When I first saw this sweater, all I could think was Marc Jacobs. Not sure if it’s the chunky flower apliques on his perfume bottles or the overall fun his collections always seem to bring, but this sweater just felt totally Marc. With it’s over-sized chunky floral and it’s cute crew neck cut, the sweater definitely resembles some of the hot designers signature style. I paired the sweater with a pair of ripped up skinny jeans and some flats for a day at the park, watching the boys do what they do. But if you wanted to go a different way, I think this sweater with a pencil skirt and some booties would look extra fabulous! How would you wear your Marc Jacobs look alike?